Offer Your Clients Stunning Branded Invitations

Our invitations can help you increase brand awareness, build client loyalty, expand your online exposure, and attract new clients.


Grow your business

Branded invitations are a great way to gain exposure for your business or service with minimal effort.

When your clients send out your invitations, their invitees are automatically exposed to your brand. They can even book an event with you directly from the invitation page!

Gain an edge over the competition

Offer your clients added value by including invitations in your package of services and saving them the hassle of creating their own invitations. The additional perk may tilt the scale and convince them to close a deal or event with you rather than a competitor.

More than just an invitation

Your branded invitations can be shared easily on social media or via text. They’re like a mini-website for your event and make it easy to update details, give directions, and more. The invitation stays online after the event so invitees remember you and our services.

Easy to use

Our talented graphic design team has got you covered. We create beautiful, unforgettable invitations templates that will delight you and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

Our easy-to-use editor makes creating stunning branded invitations as easy as writing a Word doc. You can create an invitation in less than 30 seconds—no technical know-how required!

“You made it so simple”

My invitations are shared like wildfire.

Corey The Great


“Simply the best”

Better than all the rest. I’d recommend this product to beginners.

Ian Klein

Balloon Artist

Pricing & Plans

With lots of great features, it’s easy to create a custom invitation. Try it out!


$27/ month

First Month only $1 !!!
  • Custom subdomain
  • Invitations branded with your logo
  • 1 custom design created by our graphics team
  • Dedicated staff support whenever needed
  • No ads

Can I use for my clients? was created to help you offer your clients more. The platform makes it really easy to create a unique invitation for each client event and for your clients to share the invitations with their guests.

How does help me attract new clients?

When your client sends out an interesting and attractive invitation to an event, their guests learn about your brand and can become clients in the future.

Can I use different templates for different audiences?

Yes! Our premium package gives you up to three templates customized for your audience or event type.

Can I change the image on the invitation?

Of course! With, it’s easy to change the image to one of your own.

Can my clients create their own invitations?

Sure. Your client can send an idea or a template, and our graphic artists will incorporate their content in the invitation design.

Is there support?

Support is our middle name!

Our dedicated team is here to help you create beautiful invitations for your clients.

Haven’t got your answer?  Contact our team now

Build better invitations fast

Making beautiful invitations is easy! No technical expertise required.

Create eye catching online invitations for your client events.

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